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Santa Maria area drivers have a few options when it comes to returning a lease. In fact, there’s three options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our lease flexibility is just one of the ways that we strive to provide Nipomo area drivers with a modernly convenient auto experience. Whether you’re interested in leasing a Mazda car and then buying it or you’re just looking to lease it and then replace your lease with another lease, lease options abound. If you know your lease options and would like to speak with one of our team members to go over various options, then feel free to contact our dealership to speak with a sales team member directly.

Option #1: Turn in Your Vehicle & Purchase or lease a new Mazda
With this option, drivers can turn in their current lease and either opt for a new lease or purchase a new Mazda. This option makes for convenient option if you’re uncertain whether you’d like to purchase or lease a new vehicle. Just return your lease and see what kind of purchase and lease options are available by speaking with our sales team. If you’re looking for a smaller or larger vehicle, then this makes for an excellently convenient lease return option.
Option #2: Purchase the Vehicle you’re currently Driving
You have the option to purchase your currently leased vehicle. You’ve already spent a good deal of time driving your current vehicle, so if you’d like to keep it by buying it, then you can! This option just has drivers purchasing their vehicle as a used vehicle. You can get an auto loan or finance package, switching your monthly payments from lease in nature to finance. Feel free to reach out to our in-house finance team to go over potential auto loan and finance packages. You can also utilize our online finance center to fill out a finance application right from the comfort of home.
Option #3: Return your Vehicle to your Mazda Dealership
If you wish, you also have the freedom to just return your vehicle to your local Mazda dealership. Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande drivers can just return their vehicles to a local Mazda dealership to fully end the lease. Once ended, drivers can either browse our new vehicle inventory to buy a new Mazda; browse our used vehicle inventory to buy a used vehicle; or browse our inventory to find a new vehicle to lease.
Online Finance Solutions
Our online finance center makes finding an auto finance solution a breeze. From getting a vehicle trade-in right from home to filling out an online finance application, drivers can take care of nearly every aspect of the auto finance experience online. Of course, for the drivers looking to take care of things the classic way, you can always contact our dealership to speak with one of our in-house finance professionals.
Contact Santa Maria Mazda
Have a few lingering questions about your leasing options? Feel free to contact our dealership to speak with one of our team members! Our team of professionals is ready to work with drivers from all over Nipomo to find a lease return option that best suits your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to continue leasing your current vehicle, looking to buy it, looking to switch leases, or just looking to return your lease; our team is ready to help. Call our dealership to get in touch with a Santa Maria Mazda team member today.
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