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Purchase Your Current Mazda

If you've decided you want to hold on to your Mazda vehicle for the long haul, you can choose to purchase it at the end of your lease. Keep the model you've grown to love too much to say goodbye to. If this is an option you want to explore further, we encourage you to contact our finance center and speak with one of our experts.

Lease a New Mazda Vehicle from Our Dealership Near San Luis Obispo

You can take advantage of one of the largest benefits of leasing a vehicle and get behind the wheel of a newer and nicer model once your original contract ends. Get started by browsing our selection of Mazda models available in Nipomo today.

Return Your Vehicle and Walk Away

At our dealership, we understand that sometimes the best plan for you is to return your leased vehicle with no strings attached. If you're downsizing your garage, or if none of these other end-of-lease options work for you, you can hand over your keys and leave your vehicle with us, ending your monthly lease payments.

Buy a New or Used Vehicle from Santa Maria Mazda

If you decide you no longer want to lease at all, you can visit our dealership and browse our inventory of new and used vehicles to purchase one for yourself. Before you bring it home, we recommend speaking with our finance experts near Grover Beach for further information about your auto loan options and explore our network of banks and lenders.

What to Do Before You Return Your Mazda Lease

Before you return your lease to Santa Maria Mazda, there are some necessary steps you should take to prepare for the big day. First, your vehicle will undergo a thorough inspection so our technicians can assess its condition. If there's any excessive wear and tear or damages, you may have to pay additional fees. It may be a good idea to schedule any necessary repairs beforehand.

Schedule Mazda Service

To prepare for your lease return even further, you'll want to make sure you have all your lease's important documents ready. Along with your vehicle, our staff will collect your keys and key fobs, the owner's manual, other related literature, and any accessories that came with your lease. Once you've returned all these components, you'll be ready to move forward with ending your lease and take your next steps.

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