If you live in California and are looking to sell your car, then read on to learn how to do so. Regardless of whether you have sold a vehicle before or not, a refresher can be very helpful around Santa Maria. As every state has its unique quirks and rules when selling vehicles, you are sure to find this information useful. Contact us to get a better idea of how this process works.

Make Sure You Have Your Title

The first step to selling your car is to make sure the title is in order near San Luis Obispo. If there are no problems with your title, you are all set to move onto the next step. However, if there is an issue, you may have to submit one of the following forms:

  • Form REG 227, also known as an Application for Duplicate Title or Paperless Title
  • Form REG 101, also known as a Statement of Error or Erasure
  • A signed and notarized release for a lien

If you have lost your title, you will need to complete form REG 227. Both the seller and buyer will need to sign this and submit it to the DMV near Lompoc. The DMV will then reissue the buyer a new title. For any errors such as misspellings or incomplete information, you will need to fill out form REG 101.

Get a REG 262 Form

California's version of a bill of sale is the REG 262 form, also known as the Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form. This acts like a typical bill of sale, including the odometer disclosure and providing the information the buyer needs to register the vehicle in their name. To receive one, you must call the DMV to have them mail you the form.

Receive a STAR Smog Certification

For California residents near Arroyo Grande, one part of the selling process is to receive a STAR smog certificate. To get this certificate, sellers need to have their emissions tested by a qualified STAR testing station. Please also be aware that this certification is only available for 90 days.

Some vehicles are exempt from this process. These vehicles include natural gas cars, hybrids, electric, diesel, and any cars produced within the past four years. Vehicles that were produced before 1975 are also exempt from the process.

Finish Your Paperwork

Once all of that is complete near Nipomo, it is time to complete your sale. Both the seller and the buyer will need to fill out the title and REG 262 form. Then accept the buyer's payment, take off the license plates, and both parties will need to report the sale to the DMV online or in person.

Why Sell My Car to A Dealership?

The car selling process can be frustrating and tiresome if you sell your vehicle independently. Plus, putting your information out in an ad can result in spam contacts and scam offers. That is why we recommend selling your vehicle to our dealership. Here we help you gather documents, fill out forms, and explain the process to you in a secure environment. We can help guide you with our knowledge and experience and help you earn the most out of your sale. Let your stress and worry drift away when you come in to sell us your car. Plus, online tools, such as our Value Your Trade tool, can help determine your vehicle's value.

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