You can restore your headlights and make them a lot safer on the road by carefully using insect repellent on them. The purpose of this is to get the DEET that is in insect repellent on those headlights to clear them up.

Carefully spray insect repellent onto a rag that you intend to use for this purpose. Apply the rag to the impacted headlights and scrub them clean. The whole process should only take around 5 to 10 minutes depending on how severe the clouding is on the headlights.

There are other options for restoring headlights as well, but this is probably the easiest choice for most people. You can pick up insect repellent practically anywhere, and virtually anyone can do this repair job. They just need to have a steady hand and understand what they are getting into. It really isn't that difficult when you break it down like this.

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