Your wheels and tires keep you planted solidly on the ground. It's important to take care of them to preserve their look and structural integrity. That means removing the road grime.

A lot of the material on your tires and wheels is brake dust. It's corrosive and can damage your wheels. Give wheels a thorough cleaning, using a soft-bristled brush and a cleaner formulated for the wheel (chrome or metal). Use a stiff brush to remove the grime from the tires.

Once the grime is off the wheels and tires, it's time to protect them. Use a specialty wheel wax or coating to add a layer of armor over the finish. It will keep brake dust, rock salt, and other corrosive materials away. Give the tires their own armor with a tire dressing. You can count on the service department here at Santa Maria Mazda in Santa Maria, CA for all your tire, wheel, and car care needs.

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