Car Wax Helps Protect Your Paint From Rain Damage

Summer is almost here and with it are warmer days, sunshine and frequent rainstorms. As a car owner, this means that strong UV rays and rainwater will frequently come in contact with your car’s paint. Over time they can cause harm and wear to that gorgeous metallic sheen. You love your car’s paint job and you want it to last forever. Car wax can be used to stand up to the elements and protect your car’s paint.

What is car wax? Wax at its core is made from… well, wax and other materials. Wax itself is a very hard hydrocarbon solid at room temperature. As you may know, solid material can’t easily be spread over a car’s body. This is why car wax, is made from wax as a core but utilizes other materials such as solvents and oils. When a layer of wax is applied to the paint of a car it makes it the paint more hydrophobic. Paint being hydrophobic means that water will run off the paint rather than sitting on it when a car gets wet. This helps the life of the paint last longer and prevents damage.

Car wax is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to keep their car looking shiny and new. It’s an excellent idea to wax your car a few times a year to extend the life of that beautiful paint job and keep that gorgeous sheen!

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