Look Closer at These Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features

The new Mazda3 sedan is that compact car that this year is exploding in popularity in part to an abundance of features making it safer to drive on the roads.

In order to make driving your new Mazda3 safely in reverse, this vehicle is equipped with the rearview camera system. That large console screen switches instantly to a camera screen once the vehicle is shifted into reverse, allowing the driving to clearly see anything moving or stationary that could easily get in the way of your car.

Helping to keep drivers safe as they drive their new Mazda3 on the highway, this year you will be able to make use of the Pre-Collision Assist system. The radar sensors can scan far ahead to identify if there is a threat of a collision, then warn the driver before pre-charging the braking system in an effort to bring the vehicle to a stop.



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