The staff at Santa Maria Mazda think it is important that all drivers be knowledgable about vehicle performance terminology. To help with this, we have created a brief breakdown of the meanings of oversteer and understeer as well as their difference.

Oversteering occurs most often on rear-wheel drive vehicles, this is because power is supplied to the rear of the vehicle. It causes the rear tires to lose grip and causes the rear to overtake the front of the vehicle, sending it into a possible spin. Oversteer is generally when the vehicle turns sharper than what was intended by the driver.

Understeering occurs mainly on front-wheel drive vehicles, due to the power being supplied to the front end of the vehicle. This can cause the front tires to lose their grip and in turn their ability to respond to steering. Understeer is generally when the vehicle does not turn as much as expected by the driver and continues off the road.

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