When you're shopping for a dog-friendly vehicle, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your canine companion. Keeping your dog comfortable when you're driving around Santa Maria is important, so here are some dog-friendly features to look for in your next car.

All-season seat covers and floor mats help keep the upholstery clean, and you should also consider the size of your dog when you're choosing the shape of the back seats. If you have a large dog, then a bench seat will give them ample room to spread out, and bucket-style seats may be a better option for small dogs because it allows them to nest.

Check out the back seat safety belts to see if they will secure your dog's harness, and cars with a low back seat height that will enable your pup to easily enter and exit the vehicle. If you want to get around in an SUV, then a pet gate in the cargo area will keep your dog secure while giving them plenty of space.


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