What is an Alternator?

Alternators are one of the most important parts to your car. Your alternator supplies an electrical charge to your car's entire system. Alternators attach to the engine, taking mechanical rotational energy from the powertrain and converting it to an electromotive force. The alternator maintains the electrical supply to the battery to ensure that it stays charged.

While you typically do not need to provide any routine maintenance to an alternator, you may need to replace it after 12 years. This is because the alternator will start to burn out after so many charges. Newer cars are able to keep their alternators longer than ever.

An alternator is integral to keeping your engine charged. If your cooling fan does not work properly, then you could overheat the alternator or engines. High-output alternators must have fan systems to make sure that the engine remains at the right temperature. If you have issues with your alternator, you can visit Santa Maria Mazda for alternator service.

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