Can Metallic Brake Pads Wear Out Rotors Prematurely?

Your brake pads are an important part of your braking and safety systems. They take the pressure that is transmitted through the brake fluid and apply this pressure to the rotors, smooth discs of metal that are attached to the wheel. When the pads press against the rotors, they create heat and friction which slow down the wheels and stop the vehicle.

As you can imagine, brake pads face a lot of heat and pressure as they do their jobs. As a result, pad makers design them using durable and tough materials. One of the tougher varieties of brake pad is known as sintered. Sintered pads are made from metal fibers, fillers, and resins bonded at high-temperatures. Their metallic nature makes them more abrasive than other pad varieties, and this roughness can damage non-compatible rotors.

The good news is, you can avoid this possibility by having our certified brake service technicians help your match your rotors with the right pads. Stop by our facility in the Santa Maria, CA area today for a no-obligation meeting about your automotive needs.

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